Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey

Caregiver Volunteers Homepage

The goals for the Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey website were to create a professional website befitting the organization, to provoke on-line donations from visitors, and to make an interface that would easily allow volunteers to log their hours on-line. I also focused on making the website responsive and improved the navigation to make the website easier to use in general. To create the website, I used WordPress.

Updated Logo

The logo used in the previous web design was not accurate to the logo used by the organization and the logo being used was outdated. I only updated the logo slightly by removing the box from around the logo and standardizing the text that was used in association with the logo.


Color Scheme

The color scheme was created using the color of the logo. I then chose an orange complementary accent color to use for all the donation buttons. This made the donate button more eye-catching.


Responsive website

In order to attract some younger volunteers to the organization and account for donors that may wish to access the website using mobile devices, I focused on making the website responsive.


Internet Explorer Compatibility

Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey’s target audience is generally 55+ years of age and a large portion of that audience still owns older computers with Windows XP. Since Windows XP can only run Internet Explorer 8 and below, the website had to be compatible with those older browsers. To do this, I used Modernizr for most compatibility issues and a stylesheet only made for Internet Explorer 8 and below for any styling adjustments required.