CSI Computers Website Redesign Concept

CSI Computers home page

As an employee of CSI Computers, I wanted to create a new design for our website. I felt the current website was a bit dark and uninviting. The main goal of my redesign was to make it more approachable to potential customers. Since CSI Computers is a computer repair business, I wanted to make the design similar to that of current technology and decided to base it on Material Design. The prototype was built using WordPress and Materialize.css.

Lighter Color Scheme

Used material design colors that were close to the logo colors. Also incorporated green, which while not in the logo, would be better to use than yellow which can be difficult to see.


Responsive Website

As a computer repair shop, it is important for the website to be responsive because if people have a broken computer, they are going to use their cellphones or tablets to find a repair shop. Materialize.css made it easy to make the website responsive since a grid was built into the framework.


Custom Navigation Bar

To keep in line with Materialize.css coding, a custom Walker class had to be created to make the WordPress navigation bar look like the Materialize navigation bar.


Minimized Clutter

Most computer repair shops have cluttered website due to the vast amount of services they can provide to their customers and the CSI Computers website is no exception. To minimize the clutter, I utilized features from within Materialize.css like collapsibles to display the list of services for customers and modals to display the sharing options for blog post.


Final Product

CSI Computers LLC